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How to Market myself as and Independent Hairstylist

Starting this Friday and each Friday thereafter, we are launching a new series of Blog posts to answer the age-old question,

How can I market my independent Hair Services on a budget?

Our objective will be to provide Independent Hair Stylists with useful information designed to help them market their business and grow their client list. During this series, we will discuss the topics listed below. So please, stay tuned.

Blog Topics

1.Who am I and why are you listening to me?

2.Print or Digital?

3.Do I need a website to market my business?

4.I have a website, Now what?

5.What are backlinks and why are they important?

6.Display ads vs Search ads

7.Are there benefits to blogging?

8.Is Social Media effective?

9.There are so many media choices, which do I choose?



12.How do I generate more reviews?

13.Booking software (pros and cons)

14.Paid ads on a budget, how much is enough?

15.Landing pages and Marketing the right services

16.Generating Referrals


18.Upselling services

19. Topics still unhatched

Disclaimer: The opinions stated within this blog are the opinions of the author based on previous professional data and personal experience and is in no way intended as a guarantee of results. Marketing your business depends on a variety of variables including budget, ad copy, design aesthetics timing and consistency. Your results may vary based on suggestions taken from this blog. and the author shall not be held liable for failed results.

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